Customers buy everything in a struggling store with $20,000 cash

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A bag of Doritos, a pack of gum, and hell – why not just throw the rest of the shop in there too.

WHEN I WAS LITTLE, I fantasized about winning the lottery and doing what Eddie Murphy did in Coming to America; tossing wads of cash in a McDonald’s (um, McDowell’s) bag and handing it to someone who really needed it. Walking into a convenience store facing closure and purchasing everything – every single thing – seems pretty akin to my dream.

That’s what the guys and gals at Store Buyout did on May 20th, 2011 at Hercules Fancy Grocery. Hercules was about to lose his lease and faced “imminent closure.” How it went down, according to Kyle MacDonald:

None of us had enough cash to buy everything in a store so we did the next best thing. I went into the bank and took out $20,000 in credit card cash advances to fund the operation.

After six hours of extreme retail, the store was completely empty. All that remained was an elated and exhausted Hercules with his trusty cat Sneaky in his arms.

The store – located at 27 Morton Street if you’re in New York City and want to drop by – is now restocked and ready for more customers. And all the beer, chips, toilet paper and other goodies the gang bought has been turned into art, with all proceeds going towards “finding Hercules the store of his dreams.”

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