Laugh yourself silly with Remi Gaillard

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Photo: screenshot from YouTube

“It’s by doing anything that you become anyone.”

Prancing around in various costumes, French prankster Remi Gaillard disrupts traffic, dodges security, and crashes national events all to have himself a little bit of fun.

Having gained notoriety through his ballsy stunts and YouTube videos, Gaillard provides the perfect childish outlet for an adult world stifled by cut-and-dry maturity. In “Bat,” Gaillard wears a cartoon bat costume and finds random locations around the city to hang upside-down. Honestly, what else is a grown man dressed as a bat to do.

Random? Yes. Ridiculous? Sure. Pee-yourself-hilarious? Better strap on those Depends.

Check out some of his videos below!



Mario Kart:


Here at Matador, Editor Tim Patterson cops to his prankster nature in our confessional article Travel Guilty Pleasures. What about you?

Are you a prankster? Do share.

Watch the video: WTF 2019 REMI GAILLARD

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