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A new way to explore Italy’s “City of Water.”

Getting on the water has always been a “must” for visitors to Venice, whether springing for a romantic gondola tour or simply hopping on a vaporetto waterbus. The canals define the city, and experiencing them from water level can be a lot of fun.

The company Venice Kayak has recently taken that idea in a new direction, offering guided kayak tours through the maze of waterways that comprise the floating city.

In a piece for The Guardian titled Kayaking in Venice: who needs a gondola?, Teresa Machan shares her story of paddling the Grand Canal, getting cut off by gondolas, and disembarking for gelato breaks.

As Machan relates, the tours also take you out of the boat traffic and into the surrounding marshes of Laguna Veneta that otherwise can be difficult to explore as a tourist.

On the lagoon’s little islands are abandoned monasteries, insane asylums, military facilities, and other forgotten and slightly spooky sites to explore.

Venice Kayak’s accommodation options include camping near its headquarters on the sandbar of Lido de Venezia, a half hour paddle from the city.

Kayaking and camping…not typically what you think of for a Venice vacation.

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While in Venice, save some euros with the tips from Sightseeing in Venice for (Almost) Free.

Watch the video: Venice in Kayak! The Beautiful City on the water!


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