Hg2 Travel Guides releases iPhone app

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Hg2 (A Hedonist’s Guide to…) which publishes high-end travel guides covering 41 destinations – from Berlin and Marrakech (both cities written by Matador Contributing Editor/MatadorU Faculty Paul Sullivan) to Baku and Almaty – has just launched its mobile iPhone app which gives you access to its destinations within a single master app.

More from Hg2:

The application is also packed with useful and fun functionality, including:
• Augmented reality
• Foursquare check-ins
• Sharing venues through emails, Twitter and Facebook
• Create an itinerary
• Add to favourites
• Music playlists from well-known global DJs and musicians
• Geo-tagged venues for pinpointing what’s around you
• Sort by distance from you
• All content and images are native to the phone to ensure minimal data roaming charges and ease of use

According to Richard Skaife, CEO of Yuza Mobile, “The Hg2 apps really are the travel guides of the future, with Augmented Reality, Foursquare check-in and iTunes music playlists crafted by world class DJs and musicians, these really are the defining guides for the modern hedonist”.

Later this month, the company will be releasing individual apps for each city – roughly 300 hotels, restaurants, bars/clubs, and shopping recommendations per city.

Price: £9.99/$16.99 for Master app | £0.59/$0.99 for City app | BUY

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