BNT’s Best of the Week 04/26/08

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It’s a glorious blue-sky spring morning here in Vermont, time for me to round up the most inspiring, most entertaining and most informative links from around the web.

The collapse of the cheap oil economy demands action. James Howard Kunstler offers 10 ways to prepare for a post oil society.

350 parts per million is the red line for carbon dioxide in the atmosphere – any more than that and we’re all in serious trouble. Bill McKibben and the team of eco-ninjas at are spreading the word.

Here’s the definitive guide to hostel etiquette from Lonely Planet author Leif Pettersen. # 18. “Spontaneous farting is only funny under very precise circumstances.”

Yesterday I found absolutely outstanding advice on writing by one of the masters – Kurt Vonnegut. His most important point? Keep it simple.

Taken Vonnegut’s advice to heart? Good.

Your next assignment is to read The 10 Steps To Becoming A Successful Travel Writer.

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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