Alaska Loves Sarah Palin… Right?

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Hundreds of Alaskans rallied in Anchorage this week – but not, as you might think, to support their Governor in her Vice-Presidential bid.

Instead, participants in what was reportedly the largest protest gathering in Alaskan history took aim at McCain/Palin, and made it clear their governor does NOT speak for them.

Take a look:

Great to see “Hockey Mama For Obama” representin’ for the greatest (ahem) sport on Earth!

Amen, sister.

Polar bear moms speak out.

Up with community organizers and down with Exxon justice!

Now there’s an image for you…

Does the fact that this even needs to be pointed out scare anyone besides me?

I always love a good “bare/bear” pun.


Vote Issues, Not Gender.

‘Nuff said.

Watch the video: C-SPAN: Vice Presidential Candidate Gov. Sarah Palin AK Full Speech at the RNC


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